Our Philosophy

1. Banking is an art form.

We are artists, and we take pride in helping you grow your business, start a new business, buy your first home, or put your kids through college. From our inception, we’ve done what we love, and we love what it can help you do.

2. Fast is better than slow; especially when it comes to your business.

Bank of Montana believes in instant gratification. You want answers and you want them now. We want to break our own speed and efficiency records. We know how important your loan is to you, which is why we are committed to getting you answers fast.

3. Innovate, Innovate, and Innovate.

4. Great isn’t good enough.

We constantly push the envelope. Go bigger, go faster, go harder. Always deliver more than expected. Being the best is a starting point.

5. We’ve learned from geese that synergy is always better than flying solo.

That’s why we utilize every resource we have, so we can give you the best options.

6. Find solutions.

7. Empower people.

We are the bank that says YES!