Enhanced Financing Options

Build your future with Bank of Montana.

MBOI Loans

Are you looking for enhanced financing options? Bank of Montana has worked with the Montana Board of Investments and our customers, both big and small, to help expand and further develop their businesses. Bank of Montana and its staff have spearheaded the origination of more MBOI Commercial loans than any other institution in the history of the program.

These Montana business loans offer many benefits to the customer including potential rate reductions for eligible jobs creation and long-term fixed rate financing.

SBA Loans

We love entrepreneurs. They are the lifeblood of Montana’s economy. And as a business bank, we specialize in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses or start new ones. What’s more, as entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that all small businesses have unique banking needs. Bank of Montana works with the Small Business Administration to offer custom loan solutions for your small business.


To learn more about these financing options, please contact on of our loan officers today!