Employment Opportunities

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We have the following positions available and we look forward to hearing from you!

  • Multifamily Specialist: Bank of Montana is looking for a highly-motivated individual to join our in-house Multifamily Finance team to help clients nationwide provide and preserve critical affordable housing. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to expand and apply your skills in ways you never thought possible. Bank of Montana offers highly-structured multifamily housing finance packages. Read the full job posting here!


  • We’re Always Hiring: Bank of Montana is looking for highly motivated individuals to join our team in a work environment that is challenging, allows for innovation, makes work fun and also provides work-life balance. We currently have open positions in lending, production management, operations, and accounting areas of the bank. If you are a dynamic, collaborative, intense professional who is passionate about finance and creative solutions, we would love to meet you! Read more here!