Aviation Loans

Let Bank of Montana help you reach new heights.

Bank of Montana provides competitive aviation financing to aircraft owners and pilots. We guarantee prompt and expert attention while working to design the most favorable aircraft loan available for your particular scenario, from jet plane to float plane.

We offer competitive rates to fit every pilot’s needs. Let us finance your next plane loan. As a pilot you do everything to ensure a safe flight, why not bank at one of the nation’s safest banks? MSN Money survey, July 2012.

Bank of Montana’s CEO Tom Swenson is a licensed pilot with many years of experience. He holds a certificate in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Bank of Montana is one of the only specialized aviation lenders in the nation. As experienced pilots and aircraft lenders, we will quickly identify which loan program best fits your specific situation. Whether it is a single engine piston or a corporate jet, Bank of Montana will work with you to customize the financing you need, when you want it, how you want it.

Not only does Bank of Montana understand aircraft financing – we are entrepreneurs, and we know that small businesses and small business owners have unique banking needs. Bank of Montana specializes in custom-built financing options to fit your individual goals. Bank of Montana’s company car is a plane, and it has allowed Bank of Montana to fly across the state to meet with clients more readily and visit their projects.

The team at Bank of Montana are passionate about aviation and have a deep respect for pilots and those who are attracted to aviation. Contact us today, and begin enjoying competitive rates and lenders who understand your passion for flight.

Bank of Montana – Helping you reach new heights.

To learn more about our aviation financing options feel free to contact Bank of Montana.

Aviation Financing

  • Competitive Low Rates
  • Variable-Rate Loans
  • Fixed-Rate Loans
  • Pre-Approvals
  • Up to 30 Year Amortizations
  • Refinance of Existing Aircraft Loans
  • Leasebacks
  • Commercial or Instructional-Use Aircraft
  • Jets and Turbines
  • Older or Specialty Aircraft

Giuseppe Caltabiano, president of NXGEN International, Successfully Finishes Flight Adventure


“Giuseppe Caltabiano has finished an adventure straight out of a Jules Verne story — a pole-to-pole circumnavigation of the globe. Since starting the adventure in August, the Whitefish pilot and his co-captains Jack Long and Josh Marvil have flown 38,273 miles over 144 hours, soared over 28 countries and even landed in five continents, including Antarctica. Like Verne, whose fictional tales told of flying around the world in 80 days and traveling 20,000 leagues under the sea, Caltabiano and company have a yearning for adventure. But, he said, even after all that, no sight fills his heart like the one he calls home.” Click here to read the full article.!