Happy Birthday Bank of Montana!

Bank of Montana wants to take a moment to thank our clients and the many businesses and people who have been a part of our team and made us who we are today! There is no other bank like Bank of Montana in this region. We are not your standard bank, which is why we add the most value to your business and life.

Six years ago, Tom Swenson teamed up with entrepreneurs, visionaries, professionals, and academics across the state and country to create Montana’s first business bank. They all agreed that Montana, leading the United States in entrepreneurship activity, could benefit from a bank for entrepreneurs run by entrepreneurs.

Tom started Bank of Montana in order to provide Montana businesses and their owners with more, and better, financing options. Tom and his team have a great deal of experience structuring loans, incorporating multiple government enhanced loan programs, including programs from the Montana Board of Investments, the United States Department of Agriculture, the Small Business Administration, the Department of Commerce, and local economic development corporations. Bank of Montana’s successful utilization of these programs, especially the utilization of multiple programs simultaneously, allowed Montana businesses to receive financing at much more favorable and competitive terms than traditional debt or equity financing.

As a business bank, Bank of Montana offers its clients access to national sources and products. Bank of Montana also directly lends its clients money and serves as the lead bank where beneficial to its clients. Decisions are made locally, faster, and more creatively. Clients have more options at Bank of Montana, many more options than are available at any other bank in this region. This gives Montana businesses more financing options than they had historically been able to access.

We are also excited to report that Bank of Montana was recently named one of MSN Money’s 359 Safest Banks in America—one of only three in Montana and the only one in Missoula!

While Bank of Montana is known as one of the safest institutions in the country, we are most well known for our customer service and commitment to creative, on-demand banking. Fast is better than slow, especially when it comes to your money.

Today we celebrate six years of being Bank of Montana and look forward to many more years serving our clients’ needs.  Thank you from your Team at Bank of Montana!

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